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Psychological & Forensic Services

We offer a variety of Psychological & Psycholegal Services

Accommodations & Concession Assessment

We assess a learner/student’s physical and learning disabilities, as this may impact on the ability to

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Care and Contact Evaluations

The focus of Care and Contact evaluations is twofold:  Performing a competent and fair clinical evaluation

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Career Counselling

Career guidance counselling aims to assist individuals in making informed career choices based on insights gained

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Compensation Claims

We undertake a thorough investigation with regards to changes following a traumatic event, including physical injury. 

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Competency to stand trial

We assist in court procedures by determining the competency of an accused to stand trial. The

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We provide counselling for those who need guidance during a time of crisis or a traumatic

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Criminal Capacity

Our opinion of criminal capacity is determined by whether an accused understands the difference between right

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Domestic Violence

Domestic violence most often takes the form of spousal abuse, but often overlaps with child abuse.

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Family Therapy

We work with families and their unique problems by providing a space and controlled environment to

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Foster Care

Our assessment is child-centered and based on the child’s need of a safe and healthy environment

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Family Reunification/Reintegration

We guide families in mending the broken relationships between a parent and child. Reintegration is a

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Mediation and Drafting of Settlement Agreements and/or Parenting Plans

Mediation is a process whereby parents involved in divorce proceedings are seeking an amicable and cost-effective

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Insurance Claims

In the event of an illness or injury, assessments for insurance claims are necessary to evaluate

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Medical Negligence

In cases of medical negligence, we provide a comprehensive report detailing the impact the event had

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Neuropsychological Assessment

Neuropsychological assessment refers to an in-depth assessment of skills and abilities linked to brain function associated with traumatic brain

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Parenting Coordination (previously referred to as Facilitator)

High conflict families are usually in need of a parent coordinator to manage ongoing issues between

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Psychotherapy is aimed at helping a person change behavior and overcome personal problems in a desired

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Road Accident Fund Claims

We perform an in-depth investigation with regards to a claimant’s psychosocial and cognitive functioning. The focus

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Sexual Abuse

In cases of suspected sexual abuse, the primary goal is to document the chronology, psychosocial context,

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Subject Selection

Grade 9 learners are assisted with understanding how their school performance, intellectual ability, interests, personality and

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Work Performance Assessments

Employers and employees may both benefit from a work performance assessment regarding the capacity to efficiently

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    Psychological Assessments

    Our Psychological Assessments include science, theory and clinical knowledge for the purpose of understanding psychological dysfunction in a variety of contexts.

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    Psychotherapy and Counselling

    Our Psychotherapy and Counselling aim at assisting you in understanding your behaviour and mind, including the conscious and unconscious, as well as feeling and thought for the purpose of promoting your well-being and personal development.

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