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Career Counselling

Career guidance counselling aims to assist individuals in making informed career choices based on insights gained from assessments of your

  • Interests
  • Personality
  • Abilities
  • Skills
  • Aptitude
  • Self-concept
  • Values
  • Beliefs

At our practice, we assist individuals in deciding on a career path. We aim to achieve this through the following five steps focusing on exploring your

  • Unique experiences and challenges
  • Understanding of yourself
  • Goals, needs and what success means to you
  • Knowledge, abilities, and aptitudes
  • Finally, the information is integrated to provide you with insight regarding possible career choices.

Our career guidance counselling services are provided online to provide accessible services across the country.  Our online career guidance counselling services include:

  • Online administration of the various psychological assessments and questionnaires from the comfort of your own home
  • Interpretation of and written feedback (in report format) on the results of the assessments
  • The report will provide you with:
    • An interpretation of your results linked with a description of your possible career choices.

This will assist you in making an informed choice regarding your career path and developing a plan of action to start your career.